Why you should blog?

I received this question several times. Why should I have a blog? In fact there is no easy answer for that. There are some possibilities why you should blog:

  • You want to find other people who are interested in the same thing and interact with them.
  • You want to create something on the internet, backup interesting ideas.
  • You want to write about your life, because you are creative and want to express.
  • You want to help other people, to entertain them.
  • You want to make more money.
  • You know that being professional is about communication with other experts on your field.
  • It forces you to do your homework, to focus on topic. When you write about it there is bigger chance of actually realizing it.
  • You want to practice language skills.
  • You want to test if you are able to blog.
  • You want to change the way you are living.

As you see everyone can find many reasons why to blog. You can decide by yourself or someone (something) can decide for you. On this blog I will help you through my articles with setting up blog, choosing a domain name, hosting your blog, managing your posts, building useful content, focusing and improving, earning money with your blog, getting traffic, communicating with visitors and other bloggers and much more.

There is one advice for early bloggers:  Do everything with a great effort, focus on what you are doing, set up your goals and reach them. You have to blog fully, not just to keep goodwill.

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Next time we will discuss choosing a niche…

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