This Apartment Complex Lacks Nothing

As soon as I saw the pictures of the Henderson NV apartments at the Villa Serena, I knew that I wanted to live there. The first picture that I saw was actually of one of the pools there. What made this so nice was the fact of what was around it. Quality lounge chairs were definitely nice, but the comfortable beds to lie down on were absolutely heaven. Each one has curtains that are tied back, but they can be closed to give more privacy or to block out the sun if it is too bright. It is just the look of luxury that is befitting the apartments that are there.

In addition to the heated swimming pool, there is also so many other things there that would make just about anyone happy. There is a cyber cafe that is really nice. I know it is one thing to read about it or see it online, but to actually experience it is super nice. There is also a lounge just for residents, and I have met a lot of my friends at the complex just by hanging out there when I have nothing else to do.

One of my favorite things about such nice people living here too is that a group of us can usually get together and have some fun having a barbecue or picnic at one of the many picnic areas on the grounds. If there is something that is needed and it is not available at the complex, then there are a ton of shops that are really close. There are even some that can be walked to, and there are a lot of take out restaurants that deliver to this area. There is really nothing that is lacking here, and that is why I love calling it home.