The Advantages of Having On-Site Video Teleconferencing Training Rooms

We grew to the point of having a satellite office. Then we expanded again to have another office and production center. Getting everyone on the same page required repeated meetings from management at each location. We tried the group phone calls and the videochat, but we needed something better. We opted for using a room at each facility and completing a video projector installation along with a computer system to allow full teleconferencing. We can see and speak to every member in the room just like we are there. It is kind of reminiscent of the secure room where they have satellite communication on that TV show NCIS. They use a big screen for two-way communication and they have theater style seating in the room. Ours pretty much looks like that, except it is not dark.

The ability to train and manage remotely has been a real time saver. Upper management and HR trainers were traveling to each site sometimes three or four times per week. We were almost going to hire new people to handle the training, but it was cheaper to install the video teleconferencing system and do the training all at one time. This way we can schedule training and meetings to not interrupt the workflow at each site. We are seeing an increase in production, and much fewer miscommunications and mistakes. All of that is saving our bottom line.

It is okay to have your business spread out far and wide. We are actually opening up another office in another state. There we are building the facility from the foundation up, and it will have a training room that includes a video projector installation and sound system. This is a great way to disseminate information to all employees, project leaders and managers. We can even conduct customer training for our high-end products too.