Michelle from Fit N Poor wrote a post about her experience. Here’s a sample of what she had to say:

More importantly, she gave me a ton of self confidence. I’ve been a blogger before with moderate levels of success and followers. With FNP, I put in almost 4-6 hours a day of work in to creating a blog that is worthy of my picture and stories. Miss Thrifty assured me that I was doing the right things (or scolded me when I was avoiding some major issues). There is nothing like someone with her experience telling me that I’m on the right track to fire me up!

Deacon, author of Well Kept Wallet (and podcast of the same name), was a mentor and he said this:

I think the Blogger Helping Blogger program is amazing. Whether you are just starting to blog or you are an established blogger, this program can help you improve your site and further the impact that you have on your readers!

Miranda from Beyond Work Life Balance offered these words:

I am so grateful for the Bloggers Helping Bloggers, without whom I would be wandering around in the blogging desert.

Sarah from Reclaim Your Fearlessness had this to say:

I went through the BHB program and I can say it’s really helpful. In any case the mentor gives you an insight on what they did in the beginning of their blogging careers. Also, you gain a cool new contact in the process! 

Jake from I Heart Budgets gave this praise:

As a mentee in this program, I was paired with a VERY experienced blogger who was able to give me insight that only years and years of experience can bring. We set up a weekly phone call, and I came up with a list of questions for each session. He not only answered my questions, but was able to talk to me about how to grow in the direction I wanted, as well as walked through the story of his successes and failures.

 Thank you Jana for organizing this awesome program. I built a relationship for life, as well as insight into how blogging works that I could NEVER find anywhere else. If you’re thinking of joining, I suggest you sign up ASAP! The time spent is worth its weight in GOLD!

Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey was a mentor and here’s an example of what he worked on with his mentee:

In the BHB program, I served as a mentor to a newer blogger, and we mainly focused on improving two aspects of the mentee’s site: their about me page and developing a more complete marketing strategy.

For the about me page, we focused on adding more personal details in order for the readers to connect with the blog author and also added more specifics about the goal of their blog (mission statement). For developing a marketing strategy, we went through how submitting blogs to blog carnivals can be a good way to get their site’s name/articles in front of new readers and also to start building links. We also discussed the benefits of running giveaways.

Lance from Money, Life, and More was a mentee and this is what he had to say:

Overall I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot from Eric (from Narrow Bridge Finance who was his mentor). If you’re a blogger I highly suggest you check the program out and apply to be in the next round starting January. This was just the first run and I only see it getting even better going forward.

Pauline, a mentee, who writes at Reach Financial Independence, said this:

It is a great opportunity for mentors and mentees alike. You get to know the insides of another blog, how the person envisions all the aspects of blogging, like writing, promotion, organization, monetizing, networking… For mentees it is a wonderful way to pick the brains of your mentor and avoid losing time and energy in useless endeavors.

Jenniemarie from Another Housewife, a mentee, offered her perspective (you can read the whole post here):

I am very thankful for the Bloggers Helping Bloggers Mentoring Program. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and I did just that when I started blogging. I had an idea of what I wanted to write about and just started posting away without a real niche in mind. Having a mentor allowed me to write down goals and have her help me narrow down my niche. It was nice to bounce my random thoughts off of someone who has been there done that and have them refocus me. It also helped me reaffirm my purpose for writing in the first place.