Seeing a Dentist Really Helped Me Sleep Better

I spent years being tired and feeling horrible every day. I found myself wishing that I were 20 years younger again because there was once a time where I felt good every day and had a lot of energy to get things done. I did not know what the trouble was until I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a CPAP machine to use. I was not a fan of the machine, so I stopped using it. That is when I learned that sleep visiting a sleep apnea dentist in Grand Rapids could help me.

When I originally got the machine, I was not impressed. I couldn’t imagine needing to sleep with a machine that would help me breathe better every night. Even before using it and simply looking at it, I had a feeling it would be loud and intrusive, and I was right. The noise kept my wife awake to the point that it just became easier for her to go sleep in our guest bedroom every night. That made me really sad and she felt the same way. Not only that, but the machine dried out my mouth so much that I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling dehydrated. Needing to wake up in the middle of the night to get something to drink crossed off the benefit of the machine being something that is supposed to help you sleep through the night.

When I learned that there are dentists that can help you sleep all night with the help of an oral appliance, I jumped on finding out what that means. These are people who will work with you to figure out just what sort of mouth guard you need that will help you to stop snoring and breathe easier at night. I got one custom-made for me and it works great.