Welcome to the Blog Mentoring Network!

The Blog Mentoring Network began as Bloggers Helping Bloggers, and was founded in August 2012 by Jana Lynch, owner and blogger at Jana Says. This unique program is designed to bring together bloggers from various niches for one on one coaching, support, networking, and mentoring.

BMN, and its flagship program Bloggers Helping Bloggers, was created to help alleviate some of the confusion and sense of isolation that comes with starting a blog or podcast. In the beginning, you have so many questions to ask and a small network of people to turn to for help. Often, they’re just starting out, too, and can only offer so much technical assistance (although the support is pricesless). It can get lonely, frustrating, and exhausting.

That’s where we come in. We don’t want you to flounder or give up. We want to help by connecting you to experienced, veteran bloggers who can not only answer your questions but can help you raise your platform, network with other bloggers (big and small), provide you with tips and tricks to improve your blog design and content, and give you access to collaborative opportunities.

Since our inception, we’ve helped dozens of bloggers improve their blogs, make connections and work on collaborative projects with top bloggers in their niches, ran a live session at FinCon13 (and we will be at FinCon14 in New Orleans), and have had several of our participants featured on major sites, blogs, and podcasts including Business Insider, Lifehacker, Time, MSN Money, and Stacking Benjamins, and have helped many members start making money from their blogs.

In the spring of 2014, we expanded to include a mentoring program for podcasters, added an endorsed resources section full of information to assist you in your blogging endeavors, introduced free group mentoring sessions, and partnered with a graphic designer to make this your ultimate one stop shop for all your blogging needs.

Everyone participating in both BMN and BHB has a genuine interest in helping; they want to share their knowledge and work on ideas with you. While blogging can be competitive, members know and understand the value of working together. There’s strength in numbers, and there’s room in the blogosphere for everyone, no matter how small your blog may be.

Let us help you find your place!