Just Started Clearing Our Land

Roberta and I have just now started to clear off the land which her father and her uncles gave us for a wedding gift. The land originally belonged to her maternal grandfather and he divided his land between his six sons and daughters. This is just a small part of it, around two and a quarter acres. We already cleared off a part of it, just enough for access and to put in a little camper trailer. We went on the web to find out which Texas energy companies would hook up power to the trailer and then we started work on it. At first we could not really do much, because the conditions were not right for burning the brush. We managed to find some guys who wanted to cut down a few trees for firewood and that was a big help to us. It is almost to the point where we could start building now, but in fact we are sort of worried about brush fires. There is a lot of dry brush in the surrounding area and you want to have a nice buffer between your home and that sort of risk In fact this old guy my Dad knows has offered to lend us some unusual help. He has about a dozen goats and they are actually quite useful for this sort of thing. Goats will eat just about anything that they can get near. He has done this a lot of times in the past. He puts his goats a long line so that they are stretched out almost across the breadth of the property. You just wait around a little while and then you move the line up a bit until you have eaten away everything that the goats are going to eat. It is a lot more effective than I expected.

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