I Just Started My New Position

I got off of the plane the other day and I immediately got lost in a huge traffic jam as I left the airport. Obviously Singapore is a really crowded place and I found this out immediately. Something had happened and it took me about an hour and forty five minutes to get to my hotel. I believe that I probably could have walked there in about the same time, as it was not that far. We have just gotten started here and the company secretarial services are from this employment agency, at any rate they picked out a secretary for me and I am quite sure that she is a really beautiful young lady. I was tempted to send her picture to my ex girlfriend and claim that I am dating her. In fact she is married to a chemist of some sort and has almost no interest in me aside from doing her job.

The big thing that I have to do right now is to find us a new office location, because they are going to tear this building down and replace it with a bigger one. The land here is so scarce that this sort of thing happens all of the time. A perfectly good building will get torn down so that they can build a skyscraper. That is the only way that you can get more space around a place that is as crowded as this little island is. Of course there is a really strange thing about this place, it is rigorously disciplined about every tiny little thing. You do not want to be a litter bug around here, they will really not be amused by that. Of course when you have so many people crammed in such a small are they worry about maintaining order.