I Got a New Bathroom for Our Anniversary

I have always wanted to have a garden tub. I thought that this was just going to be one of those things I daydream about, just like being able to run away to a deserted island for a few weeks. Little did I know that my husband was going to give me what I wanted. Well, I mean the garden tub, not the island trip! He wanted to surprise me with something really nice for our tenth wedding anniversary, which is why he wanted to find a bathroom remodeling contractor who would be able to transform our decent bathroom into a paradise getaway for me.

There was really nothing wrong with our bathroom at the time. It had a shower/tub combo, a double sink, and shelving that held all of our bathroom needs. It was standard looking, but it did the job for us. He wanted me to have something much more though, and he was happy after the contractor he selected looked at our bathroom and told him that we could pretty much do anything we wanted in there because of how big it is. He wanted me to be a part of the design, since it was mainly being remodeled to be what I wanted.

He told me over dinner a few months ago, and we met with the contractor the next day. He was able to completely gut our bathroom. He put a garden tub where the old tub was, and a separate shower stall that is nearly just as large on the opposite wall. It has a seat in it along with several sprays. He also put in a much larger double vanity sink, and he put the toilet behind a small privacy wall. Finally, he build us a really nice closet that holds all of our towels and other things we need in there. It is beautiful, and I don’t think my husband will ever be able to top this gift!