I Decided to Do Something That Made Me Very Happy

It’s interesting that I never really got into body modifications when I was much younger. I hung out with a lot of friends who were into it, and they had quite a few. I was not against it, I simply did not do it for no other reason than the fact that I was focused on other things back then. But when I went with a friend to one of the Anaheim tattoo shops nearby, I found myself fascinated with the whole process. I suddenly felt temptation.

When I walked into the shop, I found myself walking around to look closely at all the examples on the wall. Pen and ink drawings of all different types and sizes. I loved the ones of ladybugs, cats and other animals. Some of the plants and flowers examples were really pretty, too. My friend brought in a photo of her dog and wanted an artist to do a really good rendition of him on her back. I sat and watched it with such curiosity. I had never seen it done before. I really felt that a person must have a lot of confidence in their abilities to do any sort of tattooing on a person’s body. Unlike pencil and paper art, you do not get any do-overs when it comes to making mistakes with a person’s body. A steady hand is needed for sure.

When my friend was all done, I marveled at how the rendition of her dog looked. I felt safe in the knowledge that the artist is really good and could do a good job on me, too. I suddenly felt myself wanting a tiny ladybug on my ankle. I thought it would be so cute to wear sandals and be able to see the ladybug peeping out. I decided to do it, and I loved the results.