Hang Onto Your Money Rather Than Giving It Away to High Electricity Costs

You have probably seen Texas in the movies or on TV. Usually you see the big cities of Houston or Dallas. You see big buildings and cowboy hats and probably think everyone has a lot of money. Texas is so big in size and its economy that quite a few Texans still wanting to secede and be their own country. My family has smaller concerns such as picking the right Texas energy company to save some money on our monthly electric bill. I am happy that Texas is deregulated as far as utilities go. If our local electricity provider had a monopoly on us, we would be stuck paying whatever they said we had to pay. Competition allows us to pick a provider that offers electricity at a lower rate.

Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. That is the rate you look for on your bill to know the unit charge you are paying for your electricity. It is like the cubic feet for your gas bill or the thousands of gallons that are on your water bill. The per kilowatt hour rate is usually measured in just a few cents. However, it adds up for the amount of electricity homes and businesses use. If you knock a few cents off of your per kilowatt hour rate, you can save a money on your monthly electric bill.

I see how much we are saving every month now. No, it is not a fortune, but it adds up to a nice chunk of money each year. Then I was thinking how much it would add up to if everyone switched. My family could probably be one of the richest in Texas if we got a check for what would be saved every month if everyone switched. It is funny how people do not even notice how their electric providers are draining them of their money because it is small amounts over time. We choose to hang onto our dollars to use for other things.

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