Group Mentoring

Sometimes all you need is love. Other times, all you need is a little bit of help and mentoring. That’s where we come in (we’re happy to give you love, too, but you don’t need to keep reading for us to do that).

One of our favorite services we offer is a monthly group mentoring session with top bloggers from all different niches. The groups are small–no more than 10 members–and the session is short–roughly one hour. But it’s jam packed with questions, information, insight, and the chance to make personal connections with other bloggers. And, the best part–it’s free!

That’s right! There is no charge for the group mentoring sessions but they are first come, first serve and once we reach the limit of 10, the session is closed. So fill out the form below for your chance to be part of the upcoming session!  

September 30 Group Mentoring Session with Emma Johnson

emma-johnson-wealthysinglemommyEmma Johnson’s popular blog,, speaks to professional single mothers about family, relationships and personal finance. She also has a nationally syndicated call-in radio show on AM, “The Emma Johnson Show” and has appeared as an expert in The Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, New York Times, Ryan Seacrest Radio, Woman’s Day, Forbes and other top outlets. The blog is two years old.
Emma is also a longtime freelance business writer and contributing editor at SUCCESS magazine. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WORTH, WIRED, Men’s Health, Glamour, Entrepreneur and many others.


If you’re interested in joining Emma’s session, fill out the registration form below. The session will take place on 9/30/14 via Google Hangout at 1:00PM EST. Please do not register if you cannot attend as space is limited.

Group Mentoring Registration

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