Getting Files Through the Firewall

There is a website that I use to download files legally. Free movies, music, games, and software are posted daily, and when I’m at home, I can easily download them to my computer. When I’m at school, I can’t do this, because the school firewall blocks all users from accessing the website. I’ve talked to the IT department at school about it, and they’ve told me that they can’t make any exceptions to unblock it. In order to get around this, I had to think outside of the box. I acquired a managed cloud server that could be used to download the files from the website.

The server acts as a middle man between me and the files on the website. The server has its own operating system, that will download any files I select when I log into it. Once the files are downloaded to the server, I can then download them from the server. The server isn’t blocked by the school’s firewall, so transmission of the files is easy. It takes a little more time for me to use the files, because they are essentially being downloaded twice, but as long as I can access them, I don’t really care.

Other people have started using the same technique that I use to download files. There are some other blocked websites, some of which are known for hosting illegal content. People have begun taking extra precautions to prevent any kind of detection of files downloaded from these websites. Sometimes they split the files they need into many small blocks and give them a different file extension to make them look like PDF documents. Once all the files are downloaded, they give them the correct extension and join them together again. It’s more work than I prefer to do, but if it works for them, I can’t complain.