Class Agenda

BHB Coaching Class Agenda


Classes meet Tuesdays at 9PM EST

(Recordings available for paid participants who cannot attend)


Week 1

Instructor: Kathleen O’Malley, Frugal Portland

Topic: Establishing a Blogging Presence

You’ve started a blog. How do you get people to know it’s there? This week will cover how to establish your blogging presence through social media, guest posting, and other methods.

Week 2

Instructor: Stephanie Doyle, Life According to Steph

Topic: Using Social Media for Blogging Success

You know social media is important to drive traffic, connect with readers, and have a successful blog. But how do you do it effectively? This week will give you tips and tricks for using social media to network and market your blog.

Week 3

Instructor: Jesse Michelsen, AntiNecktie

Topic: Building a Self-Hosted (and Secure) WordPress Blog

You have a blog and you’ve written some posts. But now you’re ready to make it look better. This week will cover how to use plugins to design your WordPress blog, basic coding you can use to enhance and tweak your site, and how to make your blog secure from hackers.

Week 4 

Instructor: Miranda Marquit,

Topic: Freelance Blogging and Writing

You love to write and you’d enjoy earning some side (or maybe full-time) income doing so. But you’re not sure how to get started or what to charge. This week will cover the ins and outs of freelance writing so you can begin your own freelancing career.

Week 5

Instructor: Stephanie Barnhart, Football, Food, and Motherhood

Topic: SEO and Best SEO Practices

SEO. You’ve heard the letters but you’re not sure what they mean or how to use them on your blog. This week will explain SEO, and cover ways to effectively and easily use it to drive traffic to your site and get your blog ranking high on search engines.

Week 6

Instructor: Joe Saul-Sehy, Stacking Benjamins

Topic: Podcasting

Have you thought about starting a podcast as an extension of your blog? This week will discuss how to start a podcast, recruit guests and use it to boost your blog’s traffic.

Week 7

Instructor: Laura Yamin,

Topic: Monetizing Your Blog

You’ve been working hard at your blog and now you want to make some money from it. This week will cover different ways to make money from your blog, including affiliate marketing, AdSense, sponsored posts, and a number of other methods.

Week 8

Instructor: Kali Hawlk, Common Sense Millennial

Topic: Taxes and Finances

Congratulations! Your blog is now a money making business! But now you need to know how to handle those taxes. This week will walk you through the process of paying calculating your taxes, managing your blog budget, and other financial tasks.