Seeing a Dentist Really Helped Me Sleep Better

I spent years being tired and feeling horrible every day. I found myself wishing that I were 20 years younger again because there was once a time where I felt good every day and had a lot of energy to get things done. I did not know what the trouble was until I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a CPAP machine to use. I was not a fan of the machine, so I stopped using it. That is when I learned that sleep visiting a sleep apnea dentist in Grand Rapids could help me.

When I originally got the machine, I was not impressed. I couldn’t imagine needing to sleep with a machine that would help me breathe better every night. Even before using it and simply looking at it, I had a feeling it would be loud and intrusive, and I was right. The noise kept my wife awake to the point that it just became easier for her to go sleep in our guest bedroom every night. That made me really sad and she felt the same way. Continue reading “Seeing a Dentist Really Helped Me Sleep Better”

Just Started Clearing Our Land

Roberta and I have just now started to clear off the land which her father and her uncles gave us for a wedding gift. The land originally belonged to her maternal grandfather and he divided his land between his six sons and daughters. This is just a small part of it, around two and a quarter acres. We already cleared off a part of it, just enough for access and to put in a little camper trailer. We went on the web to find out which Texas energy companies would hook up power to the trailer and then we started work on it. At first we could not really do much, because the conditions were not right for burning the brush. We managed to find some guys who wanted to cut down a few trees for firewood and that was a big help to us. Continue reading “Just Started Clearing Our Land”

Hang Onto Your Money Rather Than Giving It Away to High Electricity Costs

You have probably seen Texas in the movies or on TV. Usually you see the big cities of Houston or Dallas. You see big buildings and cowboy hats and probably think everyone has a lot of money. Texas is so big in size and its economy that quite a few Texans still wanting to secede and be their own country. My family has smaller concerns such as picking the right Texas energy company to save some money on our monthly electric bill. I am happy that Texas is deregulated as far as utilities go. If our local electricity provider had a monopoly on us, we would be stuck paying whatever they said we had to pay. Competition allows us to pick a provider that offers electricity at a lower rate.

Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. Continue reading “Hang Onto Your Money Rather Than Giving It Away to High Electricity Costs”

I Love Handing out My Business Cards to Potential Customers

Wanting something better for myself financially, I decided to become a real estate agent. I thought it would give me the extra step up in the ladder of life to not have to worry about money so often, and I was right. As soon as I passed my test to become an agent, I rushed out to find a printer in Brisbane so that I could have my very first business cards made. It was the first step toward my financial freedom.

As someone who has no college degree, I found myself having so many difficulties with money. Every time that I would get over one financial hurdle, I found myself running into yet another one. Every time that I saved a little extra money, yet another emergency would crop up and force me to eat up my savings. I felt like I was on a never-ending treadmill. Continue reading “I Love Handing out My Business Cards to Potential Customers”

Blogging and Design Services

Here at the Blog Mentoring Network, we believe that a quality blog not only has great, compelling content but is beautifully designed. When you combine those two, you have a blog that’s unstoppable at any size.

That’s why we offer combined blog coaching and design services, and all design services are provided by our own in-house graphic designer (you can view her portfolio here). We don’t outsource our designs, and our designer and blog coaches communicate frequently, enabling us to provide you with the highest quality, seamless services.

As with our individual, blogging only services, our blogging and design services come with a free 15 minute call, and, with all purchased packages, inclusion in the private BMN Facebook group to help with networking and communicating with other bloggers, as well as priority enrollment in our group mentoring sessions, and email support for 60 days.

Packages currently available:

Basic blogging and design: This is for anyone who just wants a few tweaks in design, and some constructive feedback on their content as well as help with blog/life balance and strategies to prevent writer’s block. We’ll provide you with 2 one-hour coaching calls, a basic site assessment, and your choice of any two of the following: blog logo, 3 custom social media buttons, a blog button with grab box, custom avatar, or Facebook cover photo. Price: $249

Intermediate blogging and design: This package includes everything in the basic package but adds assistance with focusing their niche, setting blogging goals, establishing an editorial calendar, and increasing their network.  It includes 3 one-hour coaching calls, one 30 minute follow-up call, a comprehensive site assessment, and your choice of 3 of the following: blog header, 4 custom social media buttons, a blog button with grab box, custom avatar, or Facebook cover photo. Price: $349

Advanced blogging and design: Not only does this package include everything in the basic and intermediate packages, but we’ll also work with you on using your blog to start or promote a side business, and you’ll get premium design services including your choice of 4 of the following: blog header, 4 custom social media buttons, a blog button with grab box, custom avatar, or Facebook cover photo. This also includes 4 one-hour coaching sessions, 2 30 minute follow-up calls, one month of email support, and a comprehensive site assessment. Price: $499

If you’d like blogging and design services you don’t see listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re getting the help you need.

Please note that for all packages, a 50% deposit is due at time of booking with the balance to be paid prior to completion of services. If balances are not paid in full, services will be terminated with no refunds, regardless of progress.

Take the first step towards having the blog you deserve and get in touch with us now! We can’t wait to work with you!

Mentoring Program

We are not currently enrolling for any upcoming one on one sessions. If you’re interested in working with us, please consider our group mentoring or our other blogger services. You may also contact us by filling out the form below.

If you’ve read all the information and are interested in participating in the program, then be sure to sign up by sending us an email .We will not be able to enroll you in the program until we receive an email from you.  When sending your email, please make sure to include your name, blog name, blog URL, and a brief summary of why you’d like to participate in BHB. If this information is not included in the initial contact email, you will not be considered for enrollment. Note: we reserve the right to deny admission to the program if the applicant does not meet the criteria.

If you’re still undecided and want more information, you can contact us with any questions by emailing us or filling out the contact form below:


Welcome to the Blog Mentoring Network!

The Blog Mentoring Network began as Bloggers Helping Bloggers, and was founded in August 2012 by Jana Lynch, owner and blogger at Jana Says. This unique program is designed to bring together bloggers from various niches for one on one coaching, support, networking, and mentoring.

BMN, and its flagship program Bloggers Helping Bloggers, was created to help alleviate some of the confusion and sense of isolation that comes with starting a blog or podcast. In the beginning, you have so many questions to ask and a small network of people to turn to for help. Often, they’re just starting out, too, and can only offer so much technical assistance (although the support is pricesless). It can get lonely, frustrating, and exhausting.

That’s where we come in. We don’t want you to flounder or give up. We want to help by connecting you to experienced, veteran bloggers who can not only answer your questions but can help you raise your platform, network with other bloggers (big and small), provide you with tips and tricks to improve your blog design and content, and give you access to collaborative opportunities.

Since our inception, we’ve helped dozens of bloggers improve their blogs, make connections and work on collaborative projects with top bloggers in their niches, ran a live session at FinCon13 (and we will be at FinCon14 in New Orleans), and have had several of our participants featured on major sites, blogs, and podcasts including Business Insider, Lifehacker, Time, MSN Money, and Stacking Benjamins, and have helped many members start making money from their blogs.

In the spring of 2014, we expanded to include a mentoring program for podcasters, added an endorsed resources section full of information to assist you in your blogging endeavors, introduced free group mentoring sessions, and partnered with a graphic designer to make this your ultimate one stop shop for all your blogging needs.

Everyone participating in both BMN and BHB has a genuine interest in helping; they want to share their knowledge and work on ideas with you. While blogging can be competitive, members know and understand the value of working together. There’s strength in numbers, and there’s room in the blogosphere for everyone, no matter how small your blog may be.

Let us help you find your place!